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Sandra Constable LPC (Transformational Counseling and Life Coaching) will offer support, guided exploration, and investigation into your personal struggles and goals.

If you are interested in growing in all directions, personally, professionally, creatively, intellectually, and spiritually call for a free consultation.  Together we will embark on a journey that will take you to unlimited places and spaces. The destination is to reach the Truth and more importantly your Truth so that you can live a more joyful, meaningful, and authentic existence.

The techniques used incorporate western, as well as eastern, philosophies and methods of developing and increasing self awareness.  We will explore past and future concerns only in ways that effect your present state of being and focus on the whole person, not just one facet.

Our sessions may include:

  • Self Inquiry
  • Journaling
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Meditation & Mindfulness techniques
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Focusing Techniques
  • Trauma Informed C.B.T. Techniques

Together we will work to:

  • Improve communication skills creating more clarity and freedom of expression
  • Improve and maintain boundaries
  • Empower you to make decisions and choices that lead to a more fulfilling life
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence and strength by facing your fears
  • Bring more clarity to your relationships and life goals

Please Feel Free To Contact my Office Anytime

Licensed in both PA and NJ